Who is Lena Marvin?

a picture of Lena Marvin

I am Lena Marvin. You're visiting my vaniety page LenaMarvin.com, a little corner of the internet that mostly points to the many of the places I exist online.  I'm on facebook, pinterest, google plus, twitter, and linkedin

Most Wednesday nights from 5-6pm EST you can hear me co-host on Community and Technology. Listen in by visiting whcr.org or tuning into 90.3FM in New York City. I was the host of Technocolorshow on WHCR. I joined first as an intern in 2005, worked my way up to co-host and eventually full host, but that all ended when I left NYC in January 2016.

I now live in Saint Louis, Missouri. I'm a geek, a scholar and a librarian. I'm a hacker (mostly my life but also sometimes my car, phone or computer). I am an open source advocate and user. I am a maker, and a crafter. I enjoy alternating between busy and lounging.